Convert Apple Mail to PST in a smart way!

How to effectively convert Apple Mail to PST without any learning curve?

Converting Apple Mail to PST does not have to involve an expert or even long hours of training in the process. Just install and launch Mail Extractor Pro by USL software for the most effective mail conversion you will ever witness. It can be used by experienced users as well as by first-time users with the same amount of ease. It lets one convert files of all types too, there is no data corruption threat to the users of this software.

convert apple mail to pst
convert apple mail to pst

Minimize work and maximize benefits in Apple Mail to PST conversion

Faster conversion results

Another feature that saves a considerable amount of time in conversion is the batch conversion technique. It lets the users convert several files at once in a single session. As the conversion takes place in batches, one can send several files for conversion at once.

Safe for metadata and other unique data

Unicode is also sometimes present in mail data, this software guarantees its safety as well. When converting files that are in languages that utilize double-byte characters, languages like Korean, Japanese and Chinese, they do not have to take any extra precaution for their safety.

Keeps folder hierarchy in place and ignores empty folders

During the conversion, this software detects and ignores empty folders. As the empty folders are kept out of the conversion, one does not have to deal with them anymore, saving oneself from frustration.

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Enjoy these and several other features by downloading the software from the link below. A free demo version of it is also available at

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